Dormac Marine & Engineering

Is a division of Southey Holdings (PTY) Ltd and is a leading engineering company
specialising in the delivery of full turnkey solutions to clients in the marine, offshore and
industrial industries.

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Repairs, modifications and life extensions of Semi-submersibles, Jack-Up Rigs, Drillships and support vessels in the upstream oil and gas industry.

Sealand Express

Ship Repair

Dry docking and afloat repairs and conversions / upgrades of all ships including tankers, passenger liners, container ships, bulkers and Navy vessels.



Top quality specialized industrial products and services delivered to multiple industries including mining, automotive, paper & pulp and sugar.



Fully operational out of five different ports spread out along the East and West coasts of Southern Africa.

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The Aruangwa dredger has been entrusted to Dormac by the same owners of the Macuti, Emodraga and the Mozambican Government. ...

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We are pleased to report that work has been completed on the De Beers Project (Mafuta) that was berthed at our Cape Town dock from the 16th to 24th October 2017. Work complete on the Mafuta included the removal and installation of two DMS Prep Screens, modifications to the jet pump take off, fabrication and installation of a new cyclone discharge box and the change out of the dust extraction fan. Steel repairs were made to the primary DMS mixing box overflow as well as the installation of a new design product screen platform structure with all the additional items. ...

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Dormac prides itself on the ability to provide unprecedented repairs and work to a number of industries. Our advanced Durban Machine Shop contains a CNC Tuning Center which is fully programmable to produce high-quality products. Recently, Dormac completed work for the harbour loading industry which entailed machining a square axel in our CNC Tuning Center. ...

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