Bull Gear

Dormac not only excels at ship repairs, but also provides critical services to other key industrial sectors, such as Pulp, Sugar and the Motor industry through one of the largest and best equipped Machine Shops in the country. These services include repairs to other industrial machinery components as well. Dormac recently completed work on a Bull Gear for sugar milling machine, which included the removal of the old, and replacement with a new drive shaft, complete NDT of the entire gear, and was fitted with tapered keys.

Tailbar And Square Couplings

At Dormac we are proud of our industrial capabilities and services and provide going services to the industries such as the sugar industry. At our Durban in house machine shop, we recently completed a full refurbishment of a tailbar and square couplings used in the milling of sugar. The refurbishment entailed ultrasonic testing, pre-machining, certified welding, stress-relieving, final machining internal and external squares, and a final inspection. We completed the project in 3 weeks with a team working around the clock to ensure the on time delivery.

Shredder Rotor Palms

Dormac prides itself on being able to provide services including and beyond ship repair. Our machine shop enables us to create and refurbish parts for uses in various industries, such as the South African Sugar industry. Just recently we were brought in to repair shredder rotor palms. We went to work by fitted the material cast to the required specification, conducted ultrasonic testing and including internal keyways in the final machining.

Repairing The Kicker Shaft

The production of sugar entails great complexity and expense, and when one of South Africa’s leading sugar manufacturers had an issue with its kicker shaft, Dormac came to the rescue.
Using our in-house machine shop, we manufactured and fitted the shaft, location block, locking pins, and drive plate with sprockets, and finished up with a complete inspection.

Headstocks Refurbishment

Sugar mill headstocks are one of the most essential parts of the sugar industry, as they are used for crushing sugar cane. Dormac was given the job of sugar mill headstocks refurbishment for Illovo Sugar and Tongaat Huletts. This included the sandblasting, ultrasonic testing, the removal and replacement of damaged plating as well as certified welding, final machining of the half bore and base, fettling and fitting before painting and conducting a full final inspection.

Sugar Mill Dumbturner Repairs

Apart from being leaders in ship repair, Dormac is the preferred creator and repairer of parts used for non-shipping industries such as the sugar industry. For example, we’ve recently conducted Dumbturner repairs for Illovo Sugar Mills. This process included sandblasting, straightening, certified welding, final machining, fitting, painting and a thorough final inspection to ensure everything was in perfect working order. 

Power Station Refurbishment

Dormac has been involved with the Power Station refurbishment and reconditioning in Chicamba and Mavuzi based in Mozambique. The following were reconditioned and refurbished:

The reconditioning involved machining to international standards and processes.

Certified welding complete with required procedures was a priority. Ultrasonic and Magnetic particle testing was used and fitting was done with the use of liquid nitrogen. Stringent quality assurance with the relevant hold points was confirmed.

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