Cape Town

The Port of Cape Town is one of the most beautiful harbours in the world with a magnificent backdrop of Table Mountain.


We at DORMAC Cape Town have our workshops and offices right outside the harbour entrance as well as our own private repair Quay within the port

Cape Town Workshops

Cape Town Docking Facilities

Sturrock Graving Dock

Overall docking length:

360 m

Length of dock floor:

350, 04 m

Width at entrance (top):

45,1 m

Width at bottom (dock floor):

38,4 m

Depth over entrance sill:

13,7 m


14,0 m

Robinson Graving Dock

Overall docking length:

161, 2 m

Length of dock floor:

152, 4 m

Width at entrance (top):

20, 7 m

Width at bottom (dock floor):

17, 2 m

Entrance over sill:

7, 9 m

Cape Town Repair Quays

Cape Town Synchrolift

Vessels up to

1750 Tonnes

Maximum width of vessel:

15 m

Maximum length of vessel:

61 m

Lanes Available:

2 x 70m
1 x 55m
2 x 75m

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Our Locations

With five fully equipped shipyards strategically placed around Southern Africa, DORMAC can cater for all possible repair and service requirements. Servicing all types of vessels, DORMAC has the necessary expertise, machinery and technical excellence to carry out repairs, upgrades and conversions when and where clients need it most.

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DORMAC Cape Town
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