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DORMAC :: Walvis Bay - Namibia


Situated in Walvis Bay, DORMAC Marine and Engineering Namibia (Pty) Ltd was established in 2009 due to the growing demand from many of DORMAC’s existing clients.

DORMAC Walvis Bay - NamibiaDORMAC South Africa is established in Durban (Head Office), Cape Town, Richards Bay and Saldanha Bay. With roots dating back to 1903 and a culture entrenched in client retention through service delivery, quality and price, DORMAC, together with a progressive Port Administrator (NAMPORT) embarked on a program to establish a Namibian registered Company in Walvis Bay. Traditionally, DORMAC has sent travelling squads to this region to assist with ship repair activity when the local resource pool had been exhausted. The repetitive nature of these requirements led the Directors to establish a branch in Walvis Bay. Not only bringing significant Ship Repair projects and experience to the region, but to provide the local work force with training and skills to better serve this growing industry. The West Coast of Africa is a major hub for oil exploration.

DORMAC Cape Town and DORMAC Saldanha Bay have over the past 4 years, been involved with numerous repairs to drill rigs, semi submersible mobile offshore drilling units, offshore supply vessels, research vessels, anchor handling tugs, general cargo vessels, container ships, tankers, passenger liners and harbour tugs. It is this experience that DORMAC is bringing to Walvis Bay.


  • Namport Repair Quay - 4 quays, 80m each
  • Draft 8m
  • Mobile cranes available up to 90t capacity
  • Quay is serviced by shore power, freshwater, firewater and compressed air

Namport operates the following:

  • Ship repair facilities
  • Synchrolift - The Synchrolift can lift vessels up to 2,000t (displacement, 80m in length overall, and 12m in width). On average, the Synchrolift handles about 50 vessels per month.
  • A new 13m underhook workshop is in the process of plan approval and will be fitted with 2 by 25t gantry cranes.


  1. Fitting: General dry-docking services and afloat repairs.
    Tailshaft surveys.
  2. Overhaul of: Pumps, Winches, Valves, Derricks, Scheaves, General repairs according to special survey requirements.
  3. Machining: DORMAC’s adherence to ISO 9001 and manufacturers specifications has ensured that our workshop is able to accommodate and successfully complete works in accordance with the pecifications provided.
  4. Experienced artisans under the guidance of our well qualified engineering managers, man the workshops, enabling both high quality and prompt delivery hours per day. Machining capacities are unmatched in Southern Africa with the resources from all branches available at immediate notice.

DORMAC Walvis Bay - Namibia

Steel Work

Internationally competitive rates, Class approved material, coded and skilled welders’ and 24-hour operations. The steel division offers a host of repairing and manufacturing procedures. Contracted jobs are completed in the period allowed with attention to quality and customer satisfaction. DORMAC provides competitive steel rates with classification approved materials and procedures. The steel division is able to equip and manage numerous welders on a 24-hour basis and has available a complement of manufacturing and repair apparatus at its disposal, including the following: Plasma cutters, Acetylene, oxygen gas cutting equipment and a full range of application specific welding machines are available. A full compliment of welding consumables and a comprehensive stock of steel plates, profiles and piping is kept.


Fabrication from ferrous or non-ferrous parts or complete assemblies are quoted on and manufactured on a 24-hour basis. We also have large open areas available in Walvis Bay which can be used for laying out and fabricating of large constructions.

Dry Docking

DORMAC – Namibia utilises the Namibian Port Authority's facilities in conjunction with its ship repair services. The Namibian Ports Authority operates the following ship repair facilities in the Port of Walvis Bay: Walvis Bay Synchrolift Maximum length of vessel 80m, Maximum beam 14m, Maximum Draft 5,2m, Maximum displacement 1750t.

Riding Squads

Qualified and experienced teams can join a vessel at various ports around the world in order to undertake repairs during voyages, limiting idle time of quayside floating repairs. These include repairs whilst at anchorage. Squads are complimented with personnel from the 4 South African branches when required.

Electrical Workshop

The electrical workshop carries out repairs to all types of welding machines and equipment. This includes repairs to all portable equipment, fans, drilling machines, grinders, lights, cables, overhauling of electrical motors, and fault finding on equipment in the plant, cranes, pumps and lathes boring mills.

Electrical Ship Repair

DORMAC services a majority of vessels, electrical and electronic equipment. We have a wide range of
skills in these various departments to service the needs of the marine industry.

  • Supply of new standard frame size motors
  • Rewinding of motors and alternators of all sizes and configurations
  • Overhaul of motors and alternators of all sizes and configurations
  • Rewinding of transformers and the manufacture of new transformers
  • Balancing of rotors and impellers
  • Re-sleeving and machining of motor end shields and bearing journals
  • Manufacture of switch gear and control panels
  • Supplier of most electrical equipment and spares
  • Fault finding and repairs to automation systems (Electrical and Programmable Logical Computer)
  • General installation work (i.e. running of cables, fitting units and multi cable transits.)
  • Shore supply and generator hire
  • Cleaning of switchboards
  • Supply of personnel for Off Port Limits and riding crew work
  • Repairs to navigational equipment
  • Boiler repairs
  • Fire jobs
  • Flooding of engine rooms and various compartments
  • Repair and install alarm systems (fire alarms, main engine alarms, general alarms)
  • Repairs to fire detection and smoke detection systems
  • Install and repair telephone systems
  • Installations and repairs to temperature monitoring systems
  • Repairs to cranes and other various cargo equipment
  • Fault find and repair windless's, capstans and winches
  • Repairs to Cathodic protection systems
  • Repair and supply of galley equipment (galley range, bake ovens etc)

Pipe Work

DORMAC provides a repairs and manufacture service of pipework for all marine and industrial applications.
Repairs and renewal of pipework systems in materials such as steel, stainless steel, copper, yorcalbro, CuNiFe and PVC. New piping can be hot and cold formed or fabricated. Pipe systems include Water, Oil, Hydraulic
and Pneumatic. DORMAC will also offer galvanised pipe in due course.


  • Class approved diving services including CCTV, photographic and hand held video
  • 24-hours / 7 day week diving services
  • Class approved underwater video & digital photographic surveys: ABS, BV, DNV, GL and LR
  • Underwater ultrasonic NDT of metal thickness
  • Propeller polishing and cropping
  • Underwater blanking of apertures and hull damage
  • Sealing of stern tubes
  • Manufacturing and fitting of cofferdams for permanent repairs
  • Underwater thermal cutting and welding
  • Underwater construction and pile repairs
  • Underwater high-pressure hull and sea chest cleaning


Durban - Head Office
1 Belfast Road, Bayhead
PO Box 12568 Jacobs 4026
Telephone : +27 31 274 1500
Facsimile : +27 31 274 2938
Email :
Richards Bay
6 Geleiergang,
Richards Bay
P.O Box 1195 Richards Bay 3900
Tel: +27 35 797 3717
Fax: +27 35 797 5026
Cape Town
6a Marine Drive,,
Paarden Eiland, 7420
Cape Town, South Africa
Tel: +27 21 512 2900
Fax: +27 21 510 4658
Email :
Saldanha Bay
11935 Platinum St,
P.O Box 209 Paarden Eiland 7420
Tel: +27 22 714 0708
Fax: +27 22 714 4988
Walvis Bay - Namibia
4th Street East, Walvis Bay
P.O Box 2529 4th Street East,
Walvis Bay
Tel: +264 64 272 900
Fax: +264 64 272 910