DORMAC are specialists in heavy marine and industrial fabrication, with a fully equipped workshop holding some large equipment including a hearth furnace with capacity for sugar roller shaft, shells, rudder stock and tail shafts.

Fabrication from ferrous and non-ferrous parts or complete assemblies are quoted on and manufactured on a 24 hour basis. Working in conjunction with the other divisions on a common project, means that costs are drastically reduced.

Industrial Fabrication block 1

The benefits of a 24 hour fabrication operation are the elimination of daily shut down and start up delays and are reflected in our pricing structures, which provide DORMAC with a major advantage over our competitors.

The fabrication shop has an undercover area of 1000 square meters which is equipped with modern cutting, rolling, pressing and welding equipment, coupled with a 5000 square meter open air grillage area served by a 120 ton and 30 ton Goliath Crane.

Service - Fabrication

The classification society approved works undertaken.

  • Furnace cooling equipment
  • Pressure vessels
  • Vent heads
  • Manhole covers
  • Rolled to fit steel plating
  • Pipe work
  • Long bore ducting
Industrial Fabrication block 3

General Engineering

  • New bolster plate manufacture for Toyota & Defy Industries
  • Drilling of stern tube flange
  • Grinding to size hard-face welding on radar feeder.

INDUSTRIES SERVED BY DORMAC’S FABRICATION SERVICES  INCLUDE: Sugar | Paper and Pulp | Mining | Automotive | Power Generation | Bulk Storage

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