Electrical and Electronic Repair Works

DORMAC’s Electrical Repair Works focuses on the servicing of almost all the electrical equipment on vessels.

Our team of sub-contractors are professionally trained and highly skilled engineers who provide top quality electrical repair services.

Ship electrical repairs

Our ship electrical and electronic repair works include:

  • Supply of New Standard Frame Size Motors
  • Overhaul and/or Rewinding of Motors and Alternators of All Sizes
  • Rewinding of Transformers and Manufacture of New Transformers
  • Balancing of Rotors and Impellors
  • Re-Sleeving and Machining of Motor-end Shields and Bearing Journals
  • Manufacture of Switch Gear and Control Panels
  • Supplier of Most Electrical Equipment and Spares
  • Fault Finding and Repairs to Automation Systems (Electrical and Programmable Logical Computer)
  • General Installation Work (e.g. Running of Cables, Fitting Units and Multi Cable Transits)
  • Shore Supply and Generator Hire
Ship electronic repairs
  • Cleaning of Switchboards
  • Supply of Personnel for Off Port Limits and Riding Crew Work
  • Repairs and Navigational Equipment
  • Boiler Repairs
  • Fire Damage Repairs
  • Flooding Damage Repairs of Engine Rooms and Various Machinery Compartments
  • Repair and Install Alarm Systems (Fire Alarms, Main Engine Alarms, General Alarms)
  • Repair to Fire Detection and Smoke Detection Systems
  • Installations and Repair of Telephone Systems
  • Installations and Repairs to Temperature Monitoring Systems
  • Repairs to Cranes and other Various Cargo Equipment
  • Repairs to Electronic Cathodic Protection Systems
  • Repair and Supply of Galley Equipment (Galley Range, Bake Ovens etc)
  • Calibration of all Flow Meters, Gauges and Regulators

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