Cofferdam Repairs

The Cofferdam has been specially designed, developed and patented by DORMAC to carry out any underwater repair work required on damaged rudders, stern seals, thrusters or any parts of the hull, as if in the dry dock.

Cofferdam repairs can be undertaken on any emergency problems occurring to the rudder, rudder stock/bearings or pintles, hull plating damage and cracks, etc. Also, sealing arrangements of the stern seals can be dealt with immediately and the repairs are permanent and timeous. Approved by classification societies, the Cofferdam has already been used successfully on many occasions.

Cofferdam Repairs

The cofferdam has been enthusiastically received by the ship owners and managers due to the cost saving and convenience of loading or discharging while the repairs are affected.

The following types of cofferdams are frequently used:

  • Spade Type Cofferdam
  • Skeg Type Cofferdam
  • Hull Type Cofferdam
  • Stern Tube Type Cofferdam
  • Flexi Dam Cofferdam

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