CNC Machining

Dormac’s CNC machines are used for the machining of complex shapes and surfaces and include 2 CNC retrofitted horizontal boring mills, 1 2m CNC lathe and 3 3Axis Vertical Bridge Type CNC milling machines.

CNC Machining - Dormac

DORMAC’S Automotive CNC Machining division offers the following:

  • Machining of casting for draw tools, strippers trim tools, etc.
  • Machining of accessories, such as cams, punches, etc.
  • Machining of aluminium carpet moulds (for Feltex)
  • Machining of individual steels, trim steels punches etc.
  • Copy milling of draw tools, trim & pierce tools, strippers.

CNC Machining Programming customers are:

  • TDM (Toyota Tool and Die Making – Durban)
  • August Laepple (Johannesburg)
  • Comau (Port Elizabeth)
  • Feltex (Durban)

INDUSTRIES SERVED BY DORMAC’S CNC MACHINING INCLUDE: Sugar | Paper and Pulp | Mining | Automotive | Power Generation | Bulk Storage

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