Blasting and Painting

Our ship blasting and ship painting division now operates with the largest blasting pots in South Africa and is able to operate more than 60 blast nozzles simultaneously. The waste materials are disposed of using environmentally approved / certified waste disposal components. All major paint brands are available in South African Ports.

Ship blasting and ship painting

Ship Blasting and Ship Painting services Include:

  • Grit Blasting
  • HP Washing at 200 bar
  • Ultra High Pressure Blasting
  • Mobile blast units for easy transport to all locations
  • Afloat and offshore Blasting and Painting ability for Platforms, FSOs, FPSOs and MODUs
  • Environmental Protective Wrapping
  • Standard Panamax full blasting and coating in 10 days
  • Silicone hull treatment application

Contact Dormac if you require Ship Blasting and Ship Painting services