Dormac Services

Dormac provides owners and operators with a full spectrum of marine and industrial repair services which are of the highest international standards.

Marine Services include but are not limited to Mechanical and Engine works, Electrical and Electronic Repair works, Pipe Repairs and Fabrication works, Steel Repairs and Fabrication, Main Engine Repairs, Cofferdam Repairs, Underwater Repairs and Diving, Blasting / Painting and Cleaning, Riding Squads, New Building and more.

Industrial Services include but are not limited to Heavy and Light Machining, Electrical and Electronic Repair works, Fitting, CNC Machines, Fabrication and Steelworks, Furnace, Non-Destructive Testing.

Contact Dormac today if you require any of the above services.

Service Hull and paint - Dormac

African Oil Boom Pushes Demand for Expertise

This boom has resulted in the need for a reputable marine engineering company located in Africa with the necessary machinery, technical expertise and facilities to carry out large life extension programmes, coupled with the ability to service these structures throughout the continent on short notice – capabilities which DORMAC prides itself on.

Pipe Repairs and Fabrication Works
Prop and crew - Dormac
Ship electrical repairs