Dormac Steams Ahead with Up-Skilling in Saldanha for Oil & Gas Project

Saldanha AATP Learners

Learners in the Dormac AATP Program at the West Coast College

On the 17 September 2012 Dormac’s first group of learner artisans commenced with their institutional training at West Coast College.   The training forms part of the Accelerated Artisan Training Programme (AATP) in welding and concludes with the National Trade Test which, if successfully completed, will result in a trade qualification that is registered and quality assured by merSETA and the Department of Labour.

The AATP programme is part of a strategy put in place by our government to maintain the number of skilled artisans in our country.  Dormac has been involved in this project for some time and is one of the top three companies in South Africa with regards to training initiatives having developed 650 artisans in the past four years.

Dormac has been working on bringing the AATP program to Saldanha for some time to support a strategic objective to increase the oil and gas and marine projects executed in Saldanha.  Dormac is committed to ‘bridging the gaps’ on the way to trade test and has identified mentors within the program who will help facilitate the learning process and ensure that the learners are successful.  This is an additional investment on the part of Dormac, made in good faith, to maximise the skills availability for future rig related work coming to Saldanha Bay. This initiative included the support from local business and labour forums to encourage this development.

Dormac Group Training Manager, Imran Allijan says “The recruitment process took longer than expected due to the number of learners not meeting the entry requirements.  However Dormac managed to reach its target of 25 learners. A big thank you to the West Coast College; Michael Lortan and his team (Wilbat College) and Helen Brown Head of AATP Projects and her team (merSETA) for going the extra mile and making sure that the programme commenced as planned. “

This is the first of many groups that Dormac plans to develop and the learners are excited to be part of this programme.    Dormac Managing Director, Mr Chris Sparg says “we are very committed to the up skilling of the Saldanha Bay community as part of our growth strategy and are looking forward to the first batch of Trade Tested welders in Saldanha qualifying with top class results”.


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