Niger Delta King Fire Damage


Dormac attended to the Niger Delta King vessel to assess its Fire Damage in the port of Lagos

The fire started in the lower engine room vicinity and it had moved upwards through the remainder of the engine room and then into the accommodation.

The damages caused by the fire can be categorised into the following:

  1. Direct fire
  2. Smoke and heat
  3. Water
  4. Humidity
  5. Unseen voltage spikes

The above categories relate to steel, piping, trunking, electrical equipment, cabling , valves and accommodation panels and flooring.


During repairs the following works were carried out.

    • Deck ,bulkheads and deckheads, replaced from engine room through to D deck.
    • Due to the amount of steel to be replaced, these areas were staggered so that an area would be complete before new area was started.
    • Weathertight door frames cut out and new frames welded in position.
    • Cable trays throughout the above area, was replaced.
    • Replacement of all brackets relating to ancillary equipment.
    • Piping in the accommodation was removed and replaced.
      • Hydraulic piping for forward winches.
      • Refrigeration piping for cold rooms.
      • Hot and cold domestic water .
      • Black and grey water piping.
    • Engine room
      • Fresh water cooling
      • HV/AC chilled water
      • Fuel oil supply
      • Lube oil supply.
      • Service and control air
      • Tank sounding air
      • CO2 piping
      • Watermist piping
      • FIFI piping
    • All burnt and damaged cables replace end to end.
    • Numerous distribution boards and starter boxes refurbished.
    • Light fiting ,sockets and other electrical items replaced.
    • The entire accomodation was rebuilt from 1st deck to D deck.
    • Including furniture, galley and laundry equipment.
    • Bridge navigation equipment
    • CAT propulsion electronic controls
    • KONGSBERG DP2 system
    • KAWASAKI thruster controls
    • KIDDE GRAVINER oily mist detector
    • HOGLUNG VMS/PMS system
    • ZENITEL telephone system
    • AUTRONICA tank sounding
    • CONSILLIUM fire detection
    • Flexifog fire suppression.
    • ROLLS ROYCE steering system


Niger King Delta Fire Damage

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