Ship Repairs

Shipping Repair across South Africa

DORMAC is your service partner for ship repair. Our marine engineering division provides reputable ship repairs services to the marine industry across the board from Container/Cargo vessels to Passenger liners, Offshore Construction vessels, Survey vessels, PSV’s, OSV’s, AHT, Rigs, FPSO’s and Navy vessels.

Ship Repair - Dormac - Block A
Dormac Ship Repair - Block B

We understand the value of your time.

DORMAC is capable of afloat and dry docking repairs in any of its marine engineering facilities around the Southern African coast line. DORMAC has fully qualified travel repair parties capable of being deployed to any location in the world to undertake ship repair works whilst the vessel is underway.

Did you know?

Durban’s new floating dock is to be commissioned in September 2016.This dock boasts 155,3m LOA and 26m beam. Two cranes will be fitted to the new floating dock. Read more.

Our marine engineering services Include: Mechanical & Engine works, Electrical & Electronic Repair Works, Propulsion & Thruster Overhauls, Pipe Repairs & Fabrication Works, Steel Repairs & Fabrication Works, Cofferdam Repairs, Underwater Repairs & Diving, UWILD Inspections, Blasting & Painting, Riding Squads

If you or your company require ship repairs, contact Dormac today.