Walvis Bay

Walvis Bay’s close proximity to the Angolan Oil fields and to major shipping lines in the Atlantic make it ideally located for ship repair and oil and gas vessel repair projects out of its Port. Dormac has a world class facility here to target this market. In addition to its ship repair and oil and gas service Dormac Namibia also offers a wide range of specialised engineering solutions to industrial clients.

Workshop A - Dormac


3000m² workshop with 2 x 25t gantry cranes and 13.5m underhook.

Equipment in the workshop includes:

  • Vertical Roller with rolling capacity of up to 3m plate width with 32mm rolling thickness.
  • A CNC straight line cutter
  • Oxy acetylene cutting equipment and a plasma cutter
  • Hydraulic jacking equipment for the building of tanks as required by their industrial clients.

1660m² secure yard

Walvis - Ship Repair by Dormac


Dormac utilizes the Namibian Port Authority facilities in Walvis Bay in conjunction with its ship repair services:

  • Syncrolift can lift vessels up to 2,000t displacement, 80m in length overall, and 12m in width.
  • 4 x 80m repair quays adjacent to the syncrolift – 6m draft
  • Berth with 10.6m draft for Oil Rig Repairs.
  • Mobile cranes up to 90t capacity available to support large projects.
Dormac Block C - Riding Squads


Dormac Services the entire West Coast with Riding Squads

  • Teams tailored to the Clients specific requirements whether mechanical, steel and piping or electrical personnel to accomplish specific tasks onboard the vessel whilst underway or on station.
  • We provide supervision if required or otherwise our teams will work under direct guidance of the vessel staff or any Owner’s appointed third party.
  • Teams are adequately trained and have HUET and Offshore survival, Seaman’s safety training (if required)
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