The Port of Durban has the busiest container terminal in Africa.

DORMAC’s yard is situated within the heart of the Ship Repair zone within the Port and less than 500m from the Dry Dock. The yard was founded in 1903 and has a proud history of constructing more than 108 vessels!

The Durban Port is said to be one of the largest and most busy shipping terminals on the African continent. Being strategically placed on major international shipping routes, Durban’s Harbour is South Africa’s main container port handling up to 31.4 million tons of cargo each year.

DORMAC are proud to be situated in such a prestigious port, and it is this placement along with our professionalism, highly trained engineers and technicians as well as our determination that gives us the ability to provide our clients with effective and efficient services in all manners.

If you are in need of any Marine repairs and services, such as:

  1. Blasting and Painting (Grit, Slurry, UHP)
  2. Cofferdam repairs (Side shell, Thruster, Flat Bottom, Stern Tube)
  3. Electrical Repair Works
  4. Mechanical Repair and Engine Works
  5. Pipe Repairs and Fabrication Works ((Mild, Galvanised and Stainless Steel, Yorcalbro and CuNiFe, High Pressure)
  6. Riding Squads
  7. Cameron Riser Refurbishment
  8. Steel Repairs and Fabrication Works
  9. Class Approved Underwater Repairs and Diving

Or Industrial repairs and services such as:

  1. CNC Machining
  2. Electrical
  3. Fabrication
  4. Mechanical Engineering
  5. Piping Services
  6. Steel Work (Stainless and Mild)

Be sure to contact us today and we can assist with your marine repairs and services.

Durban - Dormac
Block A - Dormac Durban


Durban’s 1300m² workshop is divided into 3 bays as follows:

  • Fabrication and welding with 5 & 7 ton cranage.
  • Heavy Bay machining with 2 x 25 ton overhead cranes.
  • Light Bay machining and fitting bay with 2 x 5 ton overhead cranes.

The workshop is equipped with cutting, rolling, pressing, welding equipment and a furnace with capacity for shafts, rudder stock and tail shafts.

Additional fabrication outdoor grillages with 120m underhook give Dormac the capacity to build substantial fabricated structures including barges and accommodation modules.

Grillage area supported by the following cranage:

  • Demag Goliath 30t / 60t / 30t maximum lifting capacity in tandem of 120 ton using a spreader beam.
  • Demag Goliath 25t / 5t with lifting capacity of 25t.
  • Demag Goliath 15t / 5t with a lifting capacity of 15t
Block B - Slipway at Dormac


  1. 195m private repair quay with 8m draft and the capacity to accommodate Panamax vessels.  Quayside Liebherr luffing crane with 50t lifting capacity at 30m and 15t lifting capacity at 50m.  An adjacent hatch repair area can accommodate up to thirty-seven 30t hatches and the quay is well suited to Seismic vessels requiring streamer spooling.
  2. 225m quay with 7m maximum depth.
  3. Quay for vessels not exceeding 125m with depth of 5m


140m long, 35m wide construction slipway for the dry docking of smaller craft is available.  The slipway is serviced by both 120 ton and 25 ton Goliath cranes.

Prince Edward Graving Dock


The Prince Edward Graving dock can be divided into two compartments of 206,9m and 138,68m

  • Overall docking length: 352,04 m
  • Length on keel block: 327,66 m
  • Length on bottom: 352,04 m
  • Width at entrance top: 33,52 m
  • Width at coping: 42,21 m
  • Inner Dock: 138,68 m
  • Outer Dock: 206,90 m
  • Depth on Entrance MHWS: 12,56 m
  • Depth on inner sill MHWS: 13,17 m
  • Crane capacities:
    • 1 x 50t with a 10t attached
    • 1 x 24t
    • 1 x 15t
    • 1 x 10t
    • 2 x 8t
Dormac Durban - Floating Doc


DORMAC’s floating dock is to be commissioned by September 2016 and will boast an 8500 tons lifting capacity 155,3m LOA and 26m beam with two 7.5 ton fully functional cranes.

The floating dock is attached to two pawls on the floating docks brand new dedicated quay which is a 175m’s long and forms part of the brand new 7200m2 laydown area.  This area is ideal for offshore fabrications, conversions to ships, equipment laydown and of course support to the east coast oil and gas projects.

Read more information on Dormac Dock 1.

Take a look at the new Dry Dock that is fully operational, providing top-quality services!