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DORMAC :: Durban - Our head office on the east coast of South Africa

DORMAC Marine & Engineering


DORMAC's in-house divisions are the major contributors to DORMAC being able to offer a complete shipping and industrial service. The divisions are each managed as autonomous units. Each of these units has its own strong team spirit which, when combined, make DORMAC a highly motivated and competitive company that offer a complete service in the Marine and Industrial fields. The Port of Durban is situated on the East coast of Africa, 680 nautical miles north-east of Cape Agulhas. It was developed primarily for import cargo but over the years cargo flows have changed significantly and exports have become more important. Durban has become a major city in South Africa with the port being the busiest on the African continent and the biggest in terms of container capacity. Strategically placed on the world shipping routes, the port plays a vital role in the life of the city. DORMAC utilises the National Port Authority's facilities in conjunction with its ship repair services. The Port of Durban is equipped to handle ship repairs at the Prince Edward Graving Dock, which can be divided into two separate compartments as well as on a floating dock at Bayhead, while small craft can be repaired on the slipway.

Dry Docking & Floating Dock

Prince Edward Graving Dock

  • Overall docking length 352,04 m
  • Length on keel blocks 327,66 m
  • Length on bottom 352,04 m
  • Width at entrance top 33,52 m
  • Width at coping 42,21 m
  • Inner Dock 138,68 m
  • Outer Dock 206,90 m
  • Depth on Entrance MHWS 12,56 m
  • Depth on inner sill MHWS 13,17 m

The Prince Edward Graving Dock can be divided into 2 compartments of 206,9 m and 138,68 m. The graving dock can be emptied in 4 hours while 5 electric cranes serve this dock ranging from 50 ton to 10 ton.

The floating dock has a lifting capacity of 4500 tons and has 2 electric cranes capable of traveling the full length of the starboard and port side of the dock.

  • Overall length 100m
  • Length on keel blocks 95m
  • Length on bottom 100m
  • Overall Width 21.6m
  • Width at entrance 22m
  • Height on keel blocks 1.4m
  • Draft on keel blocks at MHWS 6m
  • Lifting capacity displacement 4500t
  • 2 x 5t electric cranes ( 1 port and 1 starboard )

New Builds

DORMAC (New) Build is a Strategic Business Unit created to exploit the demand from international ship and local owners for niche or tonnage vessels, specifically, double hulled bunker barges, harbour, pusher tugs and dumb barges.

This opportunity is the result of an increase in ship building activity internationally, which is exceeding available capacity. Subsequently the majority of ship building yards are turning away orders for building smaller vessels allowing greater focus on larger capacity vessels.

DORMAC (New) Build, as a consequence of its historical new building experience and infrastructure, can construct complete vessels or modify/convert existing vessels to a client's specification and design or from specification only, utilising external design capability.

Construction projects are currently managed by a dedicated new building team comprising engineers, planners, estimators, quality controllers, all utilising internal fabrication skills and a very adequate yard infrastructure.

DORMAC has invested heavily in infrastructure for new builds including upgrading gantry cranes and grillage areas with the latest state of the art welding equipment.

Dormac Repair Quay

  • Length of quay, 195m.
  • Capacity with use of mooring buoy to accommodate panamax vessels up to 250m.
  • Draft 8m.
  • Liebherr quayside crane with 50t lifting capacity at 30m and 15 ton lifting capacity at 50m.
  • Quay is serviced by shore power, freshwater, firewater and compressed air.
  • Hatch repair yard can accommodate up to thirty seven, 30 ton hatch covers.

Dormac's grillage area is supported by the following cranage:

  • Demag Goliath 30t / 60t / 30t maximum lifting capacity in tandem of 120ton using a spreader beam.
  • Demag Goliath 25t / 5t with a lifting capacity of 25t.
  • Demag Goliath 15t / 5t with a lifting capacity of 15t.

DORMAC Marine & EngineeringDORMAC Marine & EngineeringDORMAC Marine & Engineering

Dormac Steel Fabrication Shop

DORMAC's fabrication shop has an undercover area of 1300 square meters which is equipped with cutting, rolling, pressing, welding equipment and a furnace with capacity for shafts, rudder stock and tail shafts.

Fabrication from ferrous, non-ferrous parts or complete assemblies are quoted on and manufactured on a 24-hour basis. When working in conjunction with the other divisions on a common project, costs are drastically reduced. We are also able to build large fabricated structures using our structural building areas with 120 ton cranes.

Successful DORMAC projects carried out to date include:

  • Accommodation sections
  • Hatch Covers
  • Cell Guides Anchors
  • Gangways

Dormac Pipe Shop

DORMAC can assist clients in a wide range of piping fabrication and design related activities. We also have two overhead cranes of 2 ton each. The broad range of DORMAC's piping experience includes fossil, geothermal and solar power piping; refinery and chemical system piping; gas and oil transportation, distribution pipelines, overhead cranage and many specialist piping applications.


Durban - Head Office
1 Belfast Road, Bayhead
PO Box 12568 Jacobs 4026
Telephone : +27 31 274 1500
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Richards Bay
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Cape Town
6a Marine Drive,,
Paarden Eiland, 7420
Cape Town, South Africa
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11935 Platinum St,
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