Dormac Wins at the 2014 Oliver Empowerment Awards

Dormac is proud to announce that we have been awarded the 2014 Oliver Empowerment Award for ‘Skills Development’.

The prestigious Oliver Empowerment Awards “honours the nation’s leaders in business transformation and empowerment through awards that recognise companies and individuals which have excelled in job creation, entrepreneurship and enterprise development in public and private sectors”.

Craig Samuel - Dormac Marine & Engineering - Winners Skills Development Award less than R1 billion

Dormac Financial Director Craig Samuel receives Award

Dormac has been a finalist for five years in this competition and this is their third win! In 2010 Dormac were awarded the prize for “Top Empowered Company in General Industrials and in 2012 the prize for ‘Education and Training’. The individuals and companies represented each year are of the highest calibre and Dormac is proud to be acknowledged among them. In 2012 Dormac was awarded “Cape Exporter of The Year” by the Cape Town Chamber of Business with its training initiatives and successes being cited as one of the reasons for the award.

Dormac’s Training Ground for Artisans
It is the investment in human capital as its most valuable asset, and its efforts in the development of skills through training that make Dormac stand out! The shipping industry in South Africa has historically always experienced a severe lack of specialized marine trained artisans. Having recognised this constraint several years ago Dormac began sourcing relevant institutions, specialized programs and training paths that would enable them not only to create and develop their own qualified artisans but to equally empower and skill the local workforce into obtaining the requirements needed to gain successful and continued employment within the industry.

Dormac began its training strategies in 2005. With the help of Dr Raymond Patel and his team at merSeta, a number of special projects were put in place to meet Dormac Group Training needs. Today Dormac is amongst the top companies in South Africa with regards to training initiatives having produced 464 qualified engineering artisans these past eight years, in various trades ranging from welders, boilermakers, fitters, turner and electricians. This year we have 153 learners at various stages of training at our shipyards and FET colleges in Richards Bay, Durban, Cape Town and Saldanha Bay.

Up-skilling Saldanha Bay for Oil and Gas
The latest group of learners, who are due to graduate from Dormac’s training ground at the end of this month, are 25 learners from the Saldanha Bay who commenced their institutional training at West Coast College in September 2012. This training forms part of the Accelerated Artisan Training Programme (AATP) in welding, and concludes with the National Trade Test which will give them a trade qualification that is registered and quality assured by merSETA and the Department of Labour.

The establishment of the Saldanha Bay Industrial Development Zone (SBIDZ), which was initiated by the Western Cape Government in 2008, has been a catalyst for increased activity in this area. Saldanha Bay has become an area of particular interest to the marine engineering industry due to the high volumes of marine traffic along the west coast, and the bay being well located to serve Africa’s substantial oil and gas sector. Dormac Financial Director Craig Samuel says “that in order to avoid having the local labour force being sacrificed in favour of workers from outside of the region, it is imperative that there is an adequate supply of skilled labour within the area to take up the jobs being created as a result of this increased activity in the Saldanha Bay”

It looks like Dormac itself will be creating some of these jobs! Toward the end of 2013 Dormac took up premises in Saldanha Bay Offshore Fabrication Facility (the old Mossgas facility). So confident was Dormac and committed to the aspirations for Saldanha Bay becoming Africa’s premier oil rig repair hub, that the training of artisans commenced a year ahead of this move into the facility. This means that in their first year of operations Dormac will see qualified Saldanha graduated Artisans deployed onto oil rigs in the Port!

The second group of 22 Saldanha Bay learners have been recruited and their program has recently started. Dormac Managing Director Chris Sparg says “We are looking forward to exposing these qualified artisans to major projects that will be executed at the facility, thus giving them the opportunity to become specialist oil and gas repair engineers – definitely a first for South Africa!”

Dormac is extremely honoured by this award and it adds to our motivation to continue persevering with contributing towards the National Development Plan of South Africa.

Oliver Empowerment Award

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