• Quay 502 & Shop 24

    Dormac acquires lease of “Quay 502” as well as “Shop 24” in the Port of Cape Town.

  • Dry Dock project office

    Dormac opens the 3rd premises in Cape Town – that being a world class Dry Dock project office and client center, located in the heart of the Sturrock dry dock area.

  • Jack-up oil rig

    Dormac commences project work on the 1st jack-up oil rig to undergo a major upgrade and repair project in Saldanha Bay and the 1st ever full SPS upgrade in South Africa for 15 years.

  • Walvis Bay

    Dormac commenced major extensions to its Walvis Bay premises to create the largest fabrication house in Walvis Bay.

  • 1st semi-submersible oil rig

    Dormac commences project work on the 1st semi-submersible oil rig to undergo a major upgrade and repair in the Port of Saldanha.

  • Offshore Oil and Gas

    The Group entered into the Offshore Oil and Gas engineering market. The Offshore Oil and Gas engineering business has exploded and is presently a dominant sector of Dormac’s operations.

  • Dormac Marine and Engineering Namibia (Pty) Ltd

    Dormac forms a new company “Dormac Marine and Engineering Namibia (Pty) Ltd” a company registered in the Republic of Namibia. Commences trading in port of Walvis Bay and immediately purchases premises located in the vicinity of the port.

  • Saldanha Bay

    Dormac Saldanha Bay branch opened October 2007.

  • Cape Town branch

    Dormac Cape Town branch opened and has since dominated the ship repair market in the Port of Cape Town. First premises occupied is in Wallflower Street and later moves to the present new premises in Marine Drive, Paarden Eiland.

  • Dorbyl sells

    Dorbyl sells its interest in Dormac to Southey.

  • Dorbyl Marine Durban

    Dorbyl Marine Durban (which was formed in 1903), then owned by Dorbyl Limited merges with Imac, owned by Southey Holdings. The new company “Dormac” (the “Dor” from the word Dorbyl and the “Mac” from Imac) established owning Durban operations and Richards Bay operations. The new entity is “Dormac Marine and Engineering (Pty) Ltd.

  • Richards Bay branch

    Richards Bay branch opened by Imac (who were the 50% merged entity). This business has developed into the largest industrial fabricator in Richards Bay with just about all the major industrial companies choosing Dormac as their preferential supplier and manufacturer. It is also the only resident ship repair company in Richards Bay.