Frequently Asked Questions

1. What size dry docks do you have?

Overall Docking LengthInner / OuterWidth at topWidth at BaseDepth over Entrance SillDepth
Cape Town Sturrock Dry Dock360m142m / 205m45m42m13.7m14m
Cape Town Robinson Dock 161.2mNA20m17m7.9m7.9m
Durban Prince Edward Dry Dock352m138m / 207m42m33m12.56m13m
Durban Floating Dock100mNA22m21mNA6m

2. Do you have a repair quay and what is the Draft alongside?

We have several repair quays available at our different locations as detailed below

Repairs QuayLengthDraft
Cape Town Repair Quay 502183m12.5m
Cape Town Repair Quay A458m12.2m
Cape Town Repair Quay  B497m10.7m
Durban Repair Quay A195m8m
Durban Repair Quay B225m7m
Durban Repair Quay C125m5m
Saldanha Bay Repair Quay204m15m

3. Do you offer travelling repair parties?

Yes.  Dormac provides traveling teams tailored specifically to our clients requirements whether mechanical, steel, piping or electrical personnel to accomplish specific tasks onboard a vessel while underway or on station outside of our usual operational area.  We provide supervision if required otherwise the teams work under the direct guidance of the vessel staff or owner appointed third parties.  Our teams all have Seaman’s safety training including offshore survival with HUET.

4. Can you provide Cofferdam repairs?

Yes.  Please see information on our Cofferdam repairs here

5. What are Dormac’s standard terms of payment?

Unless alternate payment milestones are contractually agreed upon prior to the client’s acceptance of the quotation, Dormac’s standard terms of payment are as follows:

  • for clients domiciled in the Republic of South Africa and the Republic of Namibia, all invoices are to be settled within 30 days of the month the invoice was issued
  • for clients domiciled in all other countries, all invoices are to be settled within 30 days from the date of the invoice”

6. How do I go about offering my product / service to Dormac?

Dormac assess all suppliers and contractors in terms of its quality policies and group requirements. Part of this process results in the compilation of a suppliers list, which consists of approved businesses from which the company will procure goods and services. This listing is strictly adhered to and no procurement outside it will be allowed.

In order to qualify as an approved supplier to Dormac one needs to complete our supplier questionnaire and return it, along with the requested supporting documents to our procurement department where they will be processed.  Please note that submission of a questionnaire is not a guarantee of place on the suppliers list.

Request a Supplier questionnaire >>

7. I want to work for Dormac. Do you have jobs available?

There are often job opportunities at Dormac.  Please visit our Careers page regularly to view positions we are presently recruiting for. Careers page.